Everything starts with an ending

I have always been a writer. I think that being one is just a basic part of who I am. Even after I put away the pen the words still bounced around inside of me. I’ll never know why I stopped pursuing writing as a career… Probably some garbage about it not being a practical a means of making a living. Honestly though I’m certain it was the fear of rejection.
2013 was the year that I realized my marriage had unraveled. People that like to talk usually say that what you need tends to find you when you need it the most. For me I guess that thing was comics.
It still seems ridiculous but somehow last December I agreed to co-write a comeback title for DJ Coffman. I did some blogging with YIRMUMAH a short time back and he has been trying to coax the writer out of hiding ever since. I’m still in disbelief that I’m writing and suffer from creative amnesia, crediting DJ with most of what ends up on the page.
What we are doing is something… I can feel it. It makes me want to immerse myself in this and little else. I’m learning about comic press outlets, publishers, writers, artists, icons and anything else I can grasp. With issue 1 in the can the disbelief is fading. This is my new beginning. I write comics.

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